Social media facilitates meaningful connections with clients and prospects. Yet, for companies that manage sensitive information, sharing is not always safe. Organizations in regulated industries face extra risks when they engage in social media.

Social Media Compliance

Catch compliance violations before they hurt your business

It’s a tricky situation. Engaging in social media opens the doors to numerous risks. Yet, organizations cannot afford to avoid social media any longer. You can be certain that if your company does not control its digital presence, someone else will do it for you.
How can you ensure that unknown entities are compliant with industry regulations and corporate governance? Cafyne’s compliance engine encodes the tenets of your organization’s social media policy and industry regulations, including FINRA, HIPAA, SEC and more. It continuously checks every post for harmful violations and sends real-time alerts when it identifies a potentially hazardous post.

Reputation Management

Protect brand reputation

Your company has worked hard to cultivate a brand image. Now anyone with a smart phone and a grievance can damage your efforts. Threats can come from anywhere. Malicious hacktivists, phishing scams and disgruntled employees can all do irreparable harm to your business. This is why you need a social media security net.
Think of Cafyne’s Reputation Management function like a digital PR department, protecting your presence across the social networks. It works behind the scenes to monitor and help you quickly react to potential threats.


Gauge brand sentiment and social media performance

You put effort into crafting social media campaigns, but are you accurately measuring results? You could hunt Facebook and Twitter for information, but that takes time and resources. With Cafyne you can manage your marketing in a single dashboard.
When you understand customer and prospect attitudes toward your brand, you can determine your brand’s overall health and success.

Industry Specific Solutions

Financial Services

Keep competitive and maintain compliance

Did you know that about 60 percent of financial advisors have daily contact with clients through social media? A strong Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn presence give your company a competitive advantage. Yet, how can you be certain that no one is sharing sensitive financial information or violating regulatory guidelines?
Cafyne’s industry specific compliance engine is pre-built with FINRA, FFIEC and SEC rules to ensure constant compliance. Firms set role-based access control to approve content before it’s posted. Harmful content is flagged for immediate action. All social media posts are stored for easy retrieval, in case of a regulatory audit.


Maintain privacy and compliance

Social media is a natural way for healthcare professionals to connect with patients, health advisors and the community. Yet healthcare organizations face numerous challenges to comply with the rules of HIPAA.
Cafyne’s social media software gives healthcare organizations the guardrails to engage safely and securely. Our compliance engine is pre-coded with HIPAA rules and establishes multi-level access privileges for managers, analysts, and employees within your enterprise. You’ll always be ready for a regulatory audit with the built-in Archiving tool.


Leverage employee networks and protect sensitive customer information

In addition to state regulations, many insurance firms have a corporate social media policy. Are you certain that your employees and third party vendors are adhering to it? Within minutes you can discover what people are saying about your company online. Not only can you mitigate your risks, you can amplify your message. Our Social Monitoring function lets you identify brand influencers and leverage their impact on your target audience.

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Monitor, measure and protect your social media investment