Our Profile Discovery & Account Protection capabilities [Download the brochure] let you identify the social media profiles of brands, employees, partners and even unknown prospects without compromising their privacy.


Social Media Monitoring

Profile Discovery

  • Discover and tag Profiles 
  • Refresh results automatically
  • Listen to Profiles and get Klout scores

Account Protection

  • Lockdown static content for Profiles with both text and images
  • Auto-detect and rollback unauthorized changes to Profile 
  • Auto-detect publishing tool used and delete content published from unauthorized sources

It’s easy to stay compliant when you can review staff posts or monitor external activity, all within one user-friendly and customizable platform. With the Cafyne Discovery tool you can find all the accounts for your brand and also any being used by impostors. Keep tabs on accounts and manage the lifecycle using smart tags and state management. 

Dynamic Content Monitoring

Dynamic Content Monitoring

  • Monitor all posts from company or employee profiles
  • Route posts for manual approvals 
  • Ensure policy violations trigger an alert and review and take action againt those posts
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Stay Compliant

Choose the rules that govern your organization's social media interactions so you are always in compliance with HIPAA, FFIEC, FINRA, SEC or other industry-specific regulations.


Role-based Information Access

Enjoy multi-level access privileges for managers, analysts, and employees within your organization.