As social media becomes an integral tool in your marketing strategy, you become more susceptible to serious risks. Threats to your business can come from anywhere in the form of illegal activity, violent or harassing language, pornography, breached information, phishing scams, employee misuse, malware links and more. The sooner you know about potential threats, the sooner you can take action and protect your company.

Policy Violations

Route social activity through the compliance engine

  • Track profiles and record violations of social media policies.
  • Classify violations based on their severity.
  • Control policy violations with automated workflows.

Get Alerted

Get instant notifications when an external post violates company or industry regulations.

Social Media Management

Customize Alerts

  • Customize the rules that matter to your organization, no matter how specific.
  • Use our pre-built rule library or easily customize blanket rules.
  • Specify user groups to be governed by unique policies.

Customize Approval System

  • Define an authority to approve posts for each employee.
  • Use a programmed policy engine for automated approval.
  • Leverage near real time alerts for policy violations.
Social Media Approval