Some businesses can’t afford to trust social media without a security net.
Cafyne is taking the risk out of social.

Social media is built on the accessibility of transparent information, free for anyone to see or share. We often trust that the personal anecdotes we share on social networks are secure, and these posts can help establish meaningful connections with others. The same is true for businesses; organizations should be using social media to connect with their target audience to expand their reach and amplify their brand. However, the hidden risks of these virtual communities are even greater for companies, especially those in the regulated industries, such as health care, financial services and insurance.

Malicious hactivists and careless employees can equally threaten businesses, so a viable social solution must be flexible and comprehensive. All it takes is one post to violate industry regulations, disclose sensitive customer information or irrevocably damage your company’s reputation. Why risk it?

Our social media compliance software gives you the tools to engage and safeguard your assets and reduce threats from all directions.

Cafyne is your all-in-one social media business solution across multiple platforms.

  • Social Monitoring – Get instant visibility to the public profiles of customers, partners and prospects.
  • Real Time Alerts – Disable threats immediately before they have the chance to hurt your business.
  • Reporting & Analytics – Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Engagement – Leverage your top contributors and key influencers.
  • Publishing & Scheduling – Free up valuable time with social media automation.
  • Archiving – Quickly retrieve data for regulatory authorities.


Manage Social Media Channels Easily

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