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Business-to-consumer marketers have acquired customers through Facebook.
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Web users look to social media when deciding to make a purchase.

Track your social activity and drive ROI

Social media is an investment of time and money. Yet, until now it’s been difficult to measure ROI for social activity. Cafyne gives you a collective, single view of trends and activities related to employees, competitors, partners and prospects. It allows you can easily evaluate the strength of your brand presence on both a macro and micro level.

Leverage your best resources

Your employees are truly your company’s best assets. They know your products and live your culture. Cafyne helps you identify employees and vendors with large social media networks and leverage their reputation as credible and trustworthy online ambassadors. Organizations that champion employee advocacy improve morale, increase web traffic and cultivate higher quality leads.

Gauge brand sentiment and social media performance

Cafyne uses proprietary algorithms to calculate social media engagement. The Social Equity Index measures content and the Social Impact Score reads individuals’ activity.

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Social Equity Index

The Social Equity Score take the guesswork out of social media. It calculates the impact, sentiment and reach of every post. Its real-time Predictive Impact Score helps you determine which posts are the most effective across social channels. By tracking and measuring the Social Equity Index and aggregating past results, you can take action to raise the ROI of your marketing efforts while reducing exposure to risks.

Social Impact Score

Social media is one of the most authentic ways that organizations can communicate with customers and partners. Consumers trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations. Employees form a key influencer constituent that you can nurture. The Social Impact Score helps identify your brand’s top social media influencers so you can maximize your social reach.

Stay Current with Industry Trends

Get access to today’s popular hashtags, see what’s trending and check out competitors in one dashboard. This information helps your teams create pre-approved sharable content across the organization. When you understand customer and prospect attitudes toward your brand, you can boost your efforts and gain positive ROI.

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