The insurance industry is turning to social media to increase visibility and build trust with clients and prospects. Not only is it a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising, it’s one that consumers seek out when they’re making buying decisions. Simply put, your company can’t afford not to be on social media anymore. Cafyne gives insurance agents, brokers and carriers the tools to monitor your social media activity and maintain compliance with state and corporate regulations.

Social Media Listening

Insurance companies know the value of data. Social media presents a goldmine of valuable information on market trends and customer perceptions. Your competitive advantage begins when you start listening. Gain complete visibility to your organization’s social exposure and quickly identify the people and accounts that talk about your company. Use this information to discover brand influencers and leverage their impact on your target audience.

Protect your Investment

In addition to state regulations, many insurance firms have a corporate social media policy. Are you certain that your employees and third party vendors are adhering to it? Within minutes you can discover what people are saying about your company online, even on personal profiles. Cafyne’s sophisticated compliance engine reviews all social media content and issues Real Time Alerts for any potential violations. You’ll rest easy knowing that your company is always compliant with state insurance laws and rules.

Safe Recordkeeping

According to the NAIC it’s a well-established principle of insurance regulation that insurers and producers must maintain records in case of an examining department review. Cafyne’s automatically stores all social media records in a safe database so you can easily access them in the event of an audit. 

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