Posting to Multiple Channels

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Using machine learning techniques, Cafyne inspects content from millions of posts before scoring each profile for their proficiency on a topic. By doing this depth of content analysis Cafyne provides an Influencer database for each topic which is accurate and  based on the context of the profile. Cafyne does not rely on a Profile text or some external score to determine the influencers. Cafyne uses proprietary technology to calculate social media engagement through the relevancesocial impact and social equity of the profiles. It is able to leverage these metrics to also score at the individual, group or company level so you can assess which employees or entities are providing the most impact on the organization.

Approved Social Media Content

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By adding the optional Machine Learning based content curation module, organizations can get fresh and relevant content delivered to their Cafyne publishing accounts. This is coupled with Cafyne's built-in approval mechanism enabling the featured content library to deliver pre-approved, ready-to-share social content for use throughout the organization.

Social Media Analytics


Analyze the social impact and social equity for each authorized profile.