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Social Media for Healthcare
Patients rely on social media when choosing a doctor or hopsital.
HIPAA social media guidelines
Consumers use social media to find health related information.

Social media is a meaningful way for healthcare professionals to connect with the community. However, healthcare organizations are bound to strict HIPAA and FDA guidelines that limit your ability to share. You may think that there are only two options, hope for the best (and live in fear of a violation) or sit on the sidelines and watch competitors take over your market share. There’s a third option. One that gives you the power to connect, promote and protect your company. Cafyne delivers a complete engagement and risk management package for your healthcare organization.

Connect with the Community

Through predictive analytics, Cafyne identifies employees who are potential brand advocates. These are individuals who are active on social media and also advocates of your healthcare mission. They already have a reputation as credible and trustworthy online ambassadors. By empowering your advocates, you help maximize your social reach and boost your marketing ROI.

Account Protection

If hackers take over your social medai account they can post undesirable content, , change your profile text and images. By using Cafyne Profile Protection organizations can be assured that content posted to their site is from an authorized user using approved tools. Cafyne monitors the account images and profiles are never changed by the hackers. Also all content is reviewed to ensure complaicne with policy.

Protect Privacy and Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) maintains that sensitive healthcare information must stay confidential. In our digital world, it’s difficult to create robust communication strategies and maintain constant compliance.  Cafyne’s proprietary rule engine is pre-coded with HIPAA rules. It scans all employee posts and issues Real Time Alerts for violations. You’re protected before harmful content has a chance to hurt your organization.

Secure Archival Tool

To be in compliance with HIPAA, healthcare entities must show that they are safeguarding Protected Health Information. You may be asked by a regulatory body to provide proof of past communications. You’ll be ready because the Archival tool makes it easy to retrieve social media data.

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