The Situation

Digital Customer Care
Seven out of 10 business leaders claim that customer experience is now critical to their success.

Brands that consistently delivered better customer experiences over the past five years produced a cumulative return of 22%.

Quality customer service is playing a greater factor in consumer choice. Customer service experiences often start and end on social networks. Companies that can respond quickly and accurately to concerns will win customer loyalty.

Increase Response Time

Ensure every customer post gets an immediate response with our automated response tool. Cafyne’s advanced algorithms leverage machine-learning and natural language processing to quickly route customer service questions to the right team member to save time and avoid miscommunications.

Leverage Smart Technology

To deal with high volume incoming traffic, Cafyne's predictive analytics engine identifies the predicted impact so you can triage incoming posts and respond to the ones with the most impact.

Social Monitoring

Customer service is more than just fielding complaints. It’s also about proactively listening to customer attitudes. Cafyne lets you gain complete visibility to your brand’s social exposure and quickly identify the people and accounts that talk about your company. Use this information to discover brand influencers and leverage their impact on your target audience.

Archive Conversations

Cafyne’s automatically stores all social media records in a safe database so you can easily access them in the event of a corporate review.

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