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Social Media Policy
Respondents claim their company has a social media policy. How do you uphold it?
Social Media Rules
Businesses use social media; within the last 3 years, 40% of businesses have a social media policy and yet only 27% of businesses monitor employee social use.

The more people that use social media within your organization, the greater the risk of a social crisis. This is especially true for organizations in regulated industries, which face additional rules set up by governing bodies. If you are in a regulated industry, Cafyne helps you safely engage in social conversations with your digital audience.

Regulated Rule Library

Social Media Rules

Depending on your industry, social media can be governed by HIPAA, FFIEC, SEC, FDA, NLRB, FCRA, COPPA, FTC, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Computer Fraud & Abuse Act, Electronic Communications Privacy Act or the Communications Decency Act.

In the face of so many regulations, simply trying to be compliant is not an option. You need assurances.

Cafyne’s pre-built rule library includes common industry regulations. Its sophisticated policy engine also allows you to customize your own rules by employee group, time and network to be monitored internally or by third-party partners like PR and marketing agencies.


Compliance Rule Engine

Cafyne’s compliance rule engine checks every post for transgressions that can potentially harm your company. It triages the threats by predicted impact and sends you Real Time Alerts. Stopping violations before they start is the best way to avoid hefty fines. 

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Safely engage in social media without fear of regulations