Social Media is Always On: How Do You Control Your Brand?

Social media is an integral part of business communications. For all its many benefits, there are scores of risks. It’s not an exaggeration to say that social media can destroy a business or brand.

“The failure to monitor social media risk may mean the end of your business, reputation, or brand,” says Karen Masullo in an article for Disaster Resource Guide.

Your employees social media usage at work is actually good for your company

In the early days of social media many companies laid down the law when it came to employees engaging during work hours. They pushed IT departments to block sites such as Facebook or Twitter. They asked employees to keep personal smart phones under wraps during the workday. They feared that a workforce more engaged in friends’ baby pictures would surely be a drain on productivity or worse, a path to serious reputation damage.

Gartner positions Cafyne as 1 of 3 Cool Vendors in Risk Management 2014

Gartner noted Cafyne as a Cool Vendor, in its 'Cool Vendors in Risk Management, 2014' report published last week authored by Analyst(s): John A. Wheeler | French Caldwell. Gartner recognized that the Social Media risks of employee communications require better tools for ensuring compliance. Cafyne's solution fills a gap in the marketplace for enterprise tools which allow employees to use social media to communicate externally safely.  The report is available here.

How a “joke” became a controversy on Twitter causing customer retention issues for the company

Not only did the perpetuator of the joke lose his job, so did the person who tweeted about the joke. But even more damaging for the company was the irreparable harm to the company’s reputation and services. Many customers threatened to quit and a Denial of Services attack disrupted services from the company affecting its customers.

The tweets became viral before the company had a chance to take action. Quicker reaction times are the key to reducing the Impact of tweet-gates.

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