It’s Cyber Security Month: Is your Social Media Protected?

October was an exciting month for us. The Department of Homeland Security designated October as Cyber Security Month, which is something near and dear to our hearts. Some of the themes created by the Federal government were “creating a culture of cyber security at work” and “staying protected while always connected”. These messages really resonated with us. We’re driven by social media security, both in and out of the workplace.

Four Actions Financial Firms Must Do Before Using Social Media (and Still be FINRA Compliant)

If you’re in the financial industry, you may think that social media is the playground of hip ad agencies. Well it turns out that the financial services are just as tuned in to social media as their creative services counterparts. According to a new study by computer firm Accenture, about 60 percent of financial advisors have “daily contact with clients through social media.”  

Freedom of Expression in a Socially Connected World

While most Americans celebrate the Fourth of July holiday with hot dogs and fireworks, it’s important to note that there is a greater meaning behind the festivities. Independence Day marks a milestone in American history. It’s the day Americans declared their independence from Great Britain. The liberties that Americans enjoy are a direct result of the actions taken 239 years ago.

Fined for tweets! Yikes!

Financial Advisors and others in the regulated industries (which is almost everyone working for a publicly traded companies) have pay attention to this case where these folks were fined $100000 for a couple of tweets – was the market impact of these tweets and channel justifiable. Or is the cost of social media marketing too high to pay.

In our analysis, social media still remains one of the most cost effective marketing tool. With the right safeguard, it can also be used as safely as the other tools used by the organization. However, my advise - safety first.

Employee use of Social Media Personal and/or Corporate accounts. Why employers need to monitor both

Employers typically only have access to the content being blogged or posted on social media sites via the company accounts. Monitoring these accounts to ensure that company policies and regulations are being observed is critical as they represent the official company view.

In addition, many employees use their personal accounts as their online professional persona’s and discuss work related issues on them. These then can be interpreted to represent the views of the company they are employed with and it behooves the company to ensure they are in line with company policies.

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