The rise of Social Media in our daily lives has created blurred lines between business and personal use. Employees interact via multiple channels of social media, such as, chat, Twitter, Facebook and blogs to reach their colleagues, customers, partners and vendors, as well as friends and family. Employees feel empowered, connected and informed with access to all these rich channels of communications. It also helps the business keep regular contact with their network, while helping raise the visibility and profile of the company.
Many companies encourage employees to participate via social media to increase the impact of their market message, improve customer communication and solicit feedback on products and services.

Cafyne, Inc. is founded on the principles of helping organizations safely leverage social media to enhance their brand by amplifying their social media presence while managing risk arising from potential violations of regulatory and company social media policies. In an era of the social enterprise, where the boundaries of work go beyond the physical confines of the workplace, Cafyne monitors the content and context of public social media activity related to an organization’s brand, technology, employees, customers and partners.
Using big data processing and advanced analytics the solutions are designed to scale to meet the needs of individuals, groups and enterprises.